Thoughts on Utility Cycling

Today Megan and I took the kids out for a bike ride to see a home that we’re thinking of purchasing.  This got me thinking about the benefits to us and the environment when we replace short car trips with walking or biking.  The home we went to check out was probably 1 mile away so it was easy enough.  The kids love getting on the bikes and everyone feels good after a relaxing ride.  Granted, it was hot and we did begin to sweat a bit there and back but no big deal.  I would take a guess that 75% of urban, American car trips are 3 miles or less.  The local Winn-Dixie, my workplace, Megan’s workplace, the pool and gym we belong to, several coffee shops, restaurants and bars, and most of our friends are all within 3 miles.  The close proximity to all these things is why we choose to live in urban areas and not in the suburbs.  Anyhow, I wrapped up the day by biking with my son to our pool downtown.  It’s about 1.5 miles away, perfect ride distance.  Forgot my camera this time so I don’t have any pictures for today; therefore,  I’ve attached one from a recent ride.

One of my riding partners on a recent evening cruise.


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