Saturday Group Rides

Our local group slow ride is such a great way to start Saturday mornings.  We’ve got older folks, kids, and people in the middle.  Also, we’ve got a good variety of bikes, from beach cruisers, to road and mountain bikes, to dutch bikes represented. .  The bike group is Mobilians on Bikes which is on Facebook (   There are 62 members of the group and probably only 20 have actually come out for a ride.  I’ll be thinking of ways to get folks to come out for a ride.  One perk is free coffee from the group’s home base at Cream and Sugar coffee shop.  Yes, we have corporate sponsorship!

This will be a short post but I’ve attached more pictures this time.  Check ’em out…

Purple flowers and purple rims make for a very cycle chic ride

Here is a lesson in laid back riding

What a classy bike


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