Bikes About Town

Not to much to say in this post here.  I took a few pictures of bikes about town and here they are…

The YMCA is one of the only places in Mobile to have a dedicated bike rack.  I’ve noticed that it’s being used more often now which is great.  On this particular day there were six bikes locked up which are shown in two of the pictures.  Hey, might as well get a workout to your workout.  Which reminds me, I cannot figure out why so many people here take the elevator up to the gym instead of walking one flight of stairs.  Come on now people!

One of the other two pictures show Megan’s bike and my bike parked in front of a local coffee shop. We’ve been driving our bikes on what we call Bike ‘n Dates to local establishments.  It’s very fun and relaxing.  We were sitting next to some hipster types and I decided to take a snapshot of a typical urban ride.  This guy says his bike is his transportation.


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  1. Great new blog, Nick! And we just saw the front page story in yesterday’s Mobile Press Register. Very exciting. My 5-mile commute is still going strong. If yuo add me as a user to the blog I’ll post something. Also, I’ll get cracking on a MoB logo.


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