Bikes, Healthy Living and Advocacy

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Well today’s Saturday morning ride only sported 7 riders which was a bit of a disappointment considering the weather was great.  We did have a new rider join us which was great and we’re still getting free coffee at our local big, corporate coffee shop sponsor.  Since we heard that there was a running race and a walk for midwifery in downtown, we decided to cruise downtown to check out all the action.   I’m glad we did.

First, casual cycling is not intense exercise but I’m convinced it is very healthy for body and mind.  Slow riding allows for social interaction with the other riders as well as with passersby.  Slow riding also permits the rider to soak in the surroundings and feel as if they are a part of the natural and urban environment.  I’d call it a form of meditation.

As we cruised through downtown a 5k running race was just ending with events and activities at one of the downtown squares.  Nice to see people being active and out ‘n about in their community.  Downtown Mobile definitely needs all the people traffic it can get on the weekends.  Now we just need more walkable and bike-able infrastructure to make the area more accommodating to those who wish to get around sans automobile.   On a side note the event organizers had a mini train giving rides to kids in the square.  Kudos, great idea!

Next up on our cycling adventure was participating in a midwifery support event.  Megan and I had both of our kids through midwives and loved the care and experience they provided for the birthing process.  Alabama is quite draconian in its regulations of midwifery and the group was organized to give more rights for parents to choose midwives for their pregnancy.  Midwives provide all the necessary care for a healthy pregnancy but they also go beyond what a doctor will or can do in the areas of natural care, holistic care, diet, etc.  They also spend time with the mother and father and build an actual relationship with their clients.  So, in a nutshell, midwives are conducive to a healthy, natural birth.


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