Pic ‘o the Day

My son and I were riding down to the local pool when we rode by a downtown restaurant that I assume must have been a bicycle shop years ago.  I’ve eaten here and they have good tacos and margaritas.  The bike with the basket has been parked there for a while and I assume it’s an employee’s.  I see it on the rack during my morning commutes.  The combination of the sign and the bikes made we wonder about the bikes’ owners.  I imagined they were enjoying themselves inside with good drink, good food, and good friends.  And afterwards they probably had a relaxing ride back home to finish off the night.  Here is the scene for your viewing pleasure…

Bikes at the local taqueria


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  1. Posted by clair quilty on September 30, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Easily my favorite bar in Mobile. On the topic of bicycle shops, what recommendations do you have for bicycle shops-not just for buying bikes, but for repairs, parts and so forth? Also, as someone who has been bicycle commuting to work now pretty regularly for more than two years, I was happy to find out about your blog and group.


  2. Clair, thanks for posting. I do not have a favorite bike shop yet as I haven’t had to use one really since I’ve only been in Mobile for less than a year. But I’d have to say that since I can ride my bike conveniently to Infinity Bicycles that would be my first choice. For parts I like EBay. Also, I’m looking to get some contributors to the blog and seeing as you are a bike commuter you would be a perfect fit. Let me know if you’d like to post now and then.


  3. Posted by lynnety on October 7, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Clair, on this side of the bay my recommendations are Spoke & Trail on Old Shell and Cadence 120 also on Old Shell. On the east side, Eastern Shore Cycles has a great mechanic. Steer clear of the Fairhope Bicycle Shop. They may improve in the future, but I’ve heard nothing good about them and my own experience was quite dismal.


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