I Ride In The Rain

For the past five years I have commuted (by car) from Daphne to Midtown. After moving to Midtown in July, I planned to walk to work. It is only about a mile. I walked the first three days and loved it. On the fourth I needed to be at a lunch about a mile from my office. Walking was not an option and I really did not want to drive. So I rode my bicycle that day.

Wow! That evening I was home so fast that I had to ride around the block a few times. I did not want to get off my bike. And that was it — I was hooked. I have used my bicycle to get to work every single day since.

The first time it rained I put on my husband’s Polaris from his downhill racing days and rode to work. The jacket was no longer waterproof. My Facebook status that morning was “Rode my bicycle to work in the rain wearing a jacket that is no longer waterproof. It was still better than being in a car.”


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  1. Great post! I’ve only been bike commuting for 3 months now and luckily we’ve had very little rain. But that reminds me I need to get my rain pants and coat ready for when it does rain. For a light rain jacket I suggest the Marmot Precip. On sale now at REI!


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