Bike in Your Regular Clothes

Evening commute home

The weather has broken down on the Gulf Coast.  We’ve got lows in the 50’s and highs in the mid 80’s with low humidity.  It’s not Colorado humidity levels but it’s pretty darn good.  Fall has arrived.  Now that the temps and humidity are down it is perfectly doable to ride in your regular clothes.  I drove my bike  to work wearing office attire  for the first time since the end of Spring.  There’s something about just walking out the house and hopping on the bike and going.  No fancy gear or techy clothing necessary.  The weather is so nice that I was even able to drive my bike on an errand at midday.  No sweating at all.  Of course I’m cruising pretty easy too.  After work I went by the new and improved Winn Dixie to check out their new bike rack.  It’s right up front and convenient.  Way to go Winn Dixie!


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