Farmers Market Ride

Today the farmers market started up after a two month hiatus.  I guess it’s too hot in August and September to have the market.  Not too much grows this time of year in Alabama (from the status of the produce selection) but there are plenty of artisans at the market.  There’s local honey, cheese, soap, crafts, plants, woodwork, and baked goods.  Plenty of cyclists made it down too.  The weather we have been having lately has been phenomenal.  Approximately 15 or so casual riders turned out for our morning ride as we did a short cruise around downtown Mobile and stopped at the market.  I took a few shots of some some of the bikes and their riders at the market.

Pink Floyd fan eats vegetables.

Randy and his grandson. Randy calls his bike the terrier carrier.

What a nice rear basket. Perfect for a farmers market run.


3 responses to this post.

  1. That’s so odd that the farmer’s market isn’t open in Aug/Sept – seems like the prime months for selling fruit and vegetables! Love the photo of the “terrier carrier” 🙂


    • Not much grows down here past July which is good corn season. You can get greens but that’s just about it. I’m not a gardener but I guess it just gets too hot once July rolls around.


  2. I would love for the market experience to be year round, love the socializing and fresh baked bread.


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