Product Review – Planet Bike Superflash Rear Light


Planet Bike Superflash


This post is an unscientific review of the Planet Bike Superflash rear light.  I picked this light up about a month ago at a local shop to supplement my other rear light that has a steady beam.  It retails for around $25.  Flashing lights are the best way to make sure pedestrians, motorists, and other cyclists see you.  This visibility means lighting is one the best ways to stay safe when riding at night.  The Planet Bike Superflash has one 1/2 watt LED plus two smaller LEDs.  The 1/2 watt is super bright and can probably be seen from over 1/2 mile away.  The two smaller LEDs flash in a distinct pattern from the 1/2 watt LED.  This unique flash pattern means drivers will definitely notice you.  It’s so bright my wife doesn’t like tailing me on her bike!  It can also be turned on to steady mode.  The Superflash can be mounted on the seatpost or the seatstay and can be unclipped from the mounts and clipped to anything else like a Camelback or helmet.  The picture above shows my light mounted on the seatstay.  Another thing I like about the light is it is small and not very noticeable when off.  I ride over some rough patches of road so we’ll see how long it lasts.  So far so good.  This product gets a thumbs up recommendation.


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  1. Posted by lynnety on October 6, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    This is really the best blinky available. I have one mounted to the back of my helmet — really makes sure those SUV drivers see me. I’d feel naked riding without one.


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