Farmers Market

The second farmers market for fall was this morning and we rode down to check out the activity.  There was more produce than last week and we picked up some persimmons, sweet potatoes, and kumquats.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever had a kumquat before but they were good.  They seem to be a great snack food because they’d travel well.  The live music was good, very soulful.  The weather was warm and sunny.  My wife and I really need to get front racks to carry more items on our bikes.  When we take the kids out our rear racks are taken up by the child seats.  Right now I’m wearing a backpack backwards which is not that comfortable.   I just need to do the research and budget for the racks.

Another reason I like the farmers market, besides the arts, crafts, and food, is the variety of people and their bikes that they show up on.  There always seems to be someone interesting on a bike.   Here are some pictures of the market and some of the people there…


Classy Electra bike, perfect for the market






This must be someone’s utility vehicle


Two ladies riding cycle chic to the farmers market



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