Saturday Riding

We started out the day on Saturday like most days in the fall by going to the farmers market.  First we meet up with friends at the local coffee shop Cream and Sugar.  There were some new riders and several of them were kids.  It’s always nice to see kids out riding on bikes.  Now we just need to work with the city about making the conditions safer for children to bike around.  The weather was super pleasant and the market was entertaining.  I think we ended up buying some muffins and flowers.


Kids bikes at the farmers market



Nice Electra Townie outfitted for the farmers market



Alex bought flowers for his mom. So nice!


Later that day I had to go into the office.  On the way back I was pleasantly surprised to find a choral group singing Motown and contemporary favorites.  They even did some Journey.  Nice!


Faulkner State Chorus



I wasn't the only one riding. Nice Schwinn.



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  1. Although I’m sure this is not quite the norm, it’s so great to see stuff like this going on in Alabama. You’re leading the revolution and looks like you’re having a fun time doing it 🙂


    • Thanks for the reply. I’ve started a casual, utilitarian riding group here to start the process. And there are folks here that like to bike. But entrenched attitudes are hard to beat. Oh well a little bit at a time. One nice thing is that Mobile is small enough that if we get enough folks to agitate for change then we might actually get somewhere. Love your blog!


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