A Little Extra Add-On to That Commute

The weather has been so great here on the Gulf Coast for the last month.  Virtually no rain, mild temps and not-to-bad humidity.  Today I decided to take a little bit longer to get home.  I just went around a couple extra city blocks, enjoyed the breeze, waved to some folks on their porch, and took the extra time to daydream a little.  What is it about a nice bike ride that is so relaxing and pleasant.  I wonder if it is some kind of perfect balance between being active, being outside, and feeling like a kid.  While my body is working at a very nice pace, my mind is able to concentrate on the physical aspects and I have enough brainpower left for musing about my wife, kids, work, the day’s happenings, etc.  Maybe there is balance not only physically, but also mentally when taking a casual bike ride.  That has got to be good for you!


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  1. Weather in Atlanta has been great also! Of course, we need rain and don’t want to go through a long period of drought as we just did recently, but these cooler sunny days are very nice, especially for biking 🙂


    • The weather has been great! I’ve been trying to encourage folks to get out and use their bikes for short trips but is not easy in the South! Are you guys involved with any advocacy in the Atlanta area?


  2. Well, our nice weather has run out, at least for a few days. Apparently we’re getting the storms that are migrating down from the Chicago area. We really need rain, but I could do without the storms. I’m paranoid since several years ago when we had an entire summer of storms with trees falling right and left. We’re in an old neighborhood with trees that are probably at least 80-100 years old, and they don’t always hold up so well with lots of wind and rain. In the same month, a tree from our yard fell on our neighbor’s house (luckily not much damage), then a tree from another neighbor’s house crushed our vehicle, and a huge branch fell through a skylight in our house! I now hold my breath when it storms 🙂

    I am trying to get more involved with bike advocacy in Atlanta. We actually live in an area that is unincorporated, so not part of city of Atlanta or Decatur, but right in between and less than a mile from each boundary. I joined the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and want to begin doing things with them. I also contacted people from a Decatur bike group, but they didn’t even reply – I guess they think since I don’t actually live in Decatur (we regularly ride approx. 2 miles into the center of the city to restaurants and events), then I shouldn’t bother trying to assist with their advocacy efforts! I’m going to look into whether there is anything being done in my county though since we’re unincorporated, any improvements for bikes or otherwise have to go through them rather than a specific city. They did recently install sharrows on a very busy road near us since it goes through Emory University and is used by cyclists, but too narrow for bike lanes.


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