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Retrovelo Paula Sneak Peek!

It’s here! It rides like a dream. No regrets at all. More pictures and reviews soon!


Wald Folding Grocery Baskets

I’ve been promising Nik this review for a month now. What can I say? I’ve been too busy riding.

I tried using a large messenger bag for grocery shopping. It was possible but not much fun. So I ordered the Wald folding baskets. Here are the baskets open:

Wald folding baskets, rear

The baskets folded:

One open, one folded:

I have fresh eggs from the farmer’s market in the open basket:

On the way to the market, baskets folded:

The baskets are very sturdy and very well-made. The mounting hardware that comes with them is absolute crap. Do yourself a favor and buy some p-clamps and locking nuts for a couple of dollars to mount them. I mounted mine with two p-clamps to the rack rails, and used zip ties to stabilize them. You will probably want to mount them a couple of inches back on the rack. If you don’t your heels may hit them when you are pedaling. And for the sake of mentioning it: you do need some sort of rack to mount these to. I’m using a Topeak Super Tourist on this bicycle.

The baskets fold down to about an inch thick and do not rattle. Sometimes there is a little rattling when they are open, but it is not annoying. Once you get the hang of opening and closing them it’s a snap. And they hold a lot of weight.

The down side is the weight. Two of them will add about five pounds to your bike. That may not sound like much, but eventually it becomes wearying. I have removed them for the time being and put a medium Wald basket on the porteur rack on my other bike. I just make do with one-bag shopping trips for now. I have a new bicycle on the way and I have other plans for hauling the shopping.

Overall, these are a great deal and highly recommended. They will wind up living on one of my bicycles, perhaps my Raleigh Sports.

Farmers Market Ride

I have not been posting much lately because the family has bought a home and moved.  We love our new neighborhood which is even better for walking and biking!  This is another quick post about our latest farmers market ride.  We had some of the regulars join us on our approximately 1.3 mi ride to the market.  Root vegetable were popular, as were locally made honey and cheeses.  The weather has been fantastic.  Here are some pictures from the ride…

Halloween Cemetery Ride

For Halloween the Mobilians on Bikes group hosted a Magnolia Cemetery ride.  The board president of the cemetery gave a tour of the grounds and everyone learned a lot about Mobile history.  The grounds are laid out similar to French cemeteries due to Mobile’s French history.  The grounds are full of alleyways that are perfect for a cycling tour.  My wife and I are familiar with the cemeteries of Paris since we lived there several years ago.  They are more like parks than anything else and it was a pleasant surprise to find Magnolia Cemetery had the same feel.  I might have to start doing my jogging there.

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Forty riders participated which makes this ride the largest for Mobilians on Bikes.  Not only that but we incorporated a useful way for people to use their bikes to learn more about their city.  Many guests said they really enjoyed the experience and the group is now thinking of doing an historic homes tour via bike.  Stay tuned for that one!