Halloween Cemetery Ride

For Halloween the Mobilians on Bikes group hosted a Magnolia Cemetery ride.  The board president of the cemetery gave a tour of the grounds and everyone learned a lot about Mobile history.  The grounds are laid out similar to French cemeteries due to Mobile’s French history.  The grounds are full of alleyways that are perfect for a cycling tour.  My wife and I are familiar with the cemeteries of Paris since we lived there several years ago.  They are more like parks than anything else and it was a pleasant surprise to find Magnolia Cemetery had the same feel.  I might have to start doing my jogging there.

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Forty riders participated which makes this ride the largest for Mobilians on Bikes.  Not only that but we incorporated a useful way for people to use their bikes to learn more about their city.  Many guests said they really enjoyed the experience and the group is now thinking of doing an historic homes tour via bike.  Stay tuned for that one!


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  1. Sounds like fun and a great cemetery for a bike tour! I never saw that cemetery when I lived in Mobile. Where is it in relation to Mobile Infirmary there? I did an internship there for 3 months and lived with other students in a house just down the street. That was what initially brought me to Mobile and I only stayed for another year before leaving.


    • Traci, the cemetery is behind (south of) the Oakleigh Garden District which is just south of Government St. near downtown. It’s really a very interesting place with a lot of history.


  2. That does remind me of Pere LaChaise Cemetery in Paris, which I really enjoyed touring and photographing more than I thought I would. Glad to see I’m not the only one who likes that kind of stuff. 🙂


    • My wife and I lived in Paris (18th arrondissement) as math teachers for a year and we would go to Pere Lachaise and the other Parisian cemeteries. The Magnolia Cemetery was impressive and there is quite a bit of history in it it. The tour guide would tell some of the interesting soap-opera type stories of the old South.


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