Kryptonite NYC Chain. Holy Cow.

Paula is very safe now. I knew this chain would be substantial but holy cow. It’s HUGE. Overkill for this area, but overkill is better than underkill. I was much more relaxed at the grocery store last night. I know that this lock, like any other, is not absolute protection. But the tools required to defeat it would attract attention.

Paula securely locked with Kryptonite NYC chain.

This thing is huge and heavy. In retrospect, a lesser chain would have been a better choice. But this is the one I have and this is an expensive bicycle worth protecting from theft. I carry it in my Wald basket, which is now attached to the rear rack. I really don’t notice anything while I’m riding, but the bicycle is harder to lift up stairs. I just tell myself “Just pick the bicycle up and quit whining.”

The handlebar bag is a Minnehaha small saddle bag. Sadly, it does not play nicely with sprung saddles and I only have sprung saddles. But it’s not half bad as a handlebar bag. It holds my tiny purse & repair kit nicely. I won’t try carrying that lock in it, though.


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  1. Great picture. I need to get one of these because my wife and I store our bikes outside at home. For riding around town I probably will stick with the rear wheel lock + cable lock combination. That should be good for anything other than leaving it in a public place overnight.


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