Glove and Cup Holder Review

Well I got a couple bike gifts for Christmas and I’ve been trying them out.  My wife got me a pair of Seirus Hyperlite All-Weather gloves for riding in cold, wet weather.  I also found a cup holder by Portland Design Works in my stocking.  I’ve been trying out the gloves lately as we’ve been getting into the 20’s in the early mornings along the Gulf Coast.  I have to say that these gloves work great.  They are windproof and waterproof.  Note that the seams aren’t sealed so your hand would get wet if you dunked it in the ocean but it keeps out the rain.  These gloves are very thin and offer a lot of dexterity (I shot the photos while wearing them).  I’d say they are good for keeping hands perfectly comfortable for short rides (<3mi) down to about 35 degrees.  Any colder, or if your ride is longer, you might want to use them as a liner.  But for short utility trips like I do these keep my hands comfortable and they are small enough that they are easy to stuff into a pocket when I get to my destination.

The cup holder is by Portland Design Works and I like its inconspicuous look.  The cup holder feels very sturdy and it holds small to medium sized cups or mugs.  Not much to say about cup holders, it’s more of a style and / or color thing as far as deciding which one to get.  One thing to note is that the cup or mug must definitely be sealed because your drink will be doing a lot of sloshing.  I think it is going to come in very handy.


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