Mobile, AL Tweed Ride

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Today Mobilians on Bikes hosted it’s first tweed ride and it was a blast!  Winter on the Gulf Coast is a perfect time of year for wearing tweed and getting on your bike for a sophisticated and relaxing ride about town.  Our two-wheeled jaunt started off from a neighborhood cafe and meandered through a couple scenic neighborhoods before a midway stop at the local independent movie theatre.  Once there we saw a matinee of “The King’s Speech.”  The movie was excellent and I highly suggest it.  After the movie we cruised over to a local pub for merrymaking with good drink and company.  The weather was beautiful, the riders looked very elegant and we showed the town that you can use your bike for urban transportation even when dressed up.  We’ll definitely do this again.


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  1. Great photos – looks like a fun time! And it looks practically spring-like there compared with the weather we’ve been dealing with. We’re still trying to dig ourselves out from what was (or seemed to be characterized as in the news) the snowstorm of the century. Five inches in the city of Atlanta, which then turned to ice, effectively shutting the entire city down for close to five full days. Sometimes snow isn’t so much fun in the South 🙂


    • Hi Traci. Yeah the weather turned out great for the Tweed Ride. It really could not have been much better. Does Atlanta have a Tweed Ride? If not you should start one with some friends. The movie we saw, “The King’s Speech”, was almost delayed in Atlanta because of the storm. They got the film trucked down just in time for us to see it.


  2. We might even do it again soon! Thanks, Nik, for putting together a great ride.


  3. Posted by Joel on October 29, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    This looks great! Are u doing it again this year! Joel


    • You bet we are. It will likely take place on January 14th or 15th. Join Mobilians on Bikes on Facebook to keep up with events. Let me know if you have questions.


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