Bikes and a Historic Tour

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Mobilians on Bikes hosted a historic neighborhood tour of Ashland Place in Mobile, Al.  A local architect and historian, Douglas Kearley, educated the cyclists on the neighborhood which he called Mobile’s first suburb.  Its stately homes and live oak trees are very beautiful.  We also visited the nearby Visitation Monastery with its pleasant grounds and beautiful chapel full of stained glass windows.  Over 50 participants pedaled across town, approximately 4.5 mi each way and everyone got a little history lesson on important homes, trees, and neighborhoods along the way.  While the ride wasn’t designed for children, there were a couple child passengers that joined us.  I don’t know how old the oldest participant was but I would guess over 70.  This is great and goes with our 8 to 80 theme that people of all ages can ride a bike.  Along the way  a police officer blocked traffic so we could all get through a busy intersection and a fireman aided one of our riders who got a small gash on her shin.  So kudos to our public servants.  I would also like to mention that the drivers were all very courteous and patient, most turned off to avoid us (a benefit of a gridded street system) and others that passed gave plenty of room and went slowly.  Along the way the group got plenty of waves and smiles from neighbors and people on the street.  One woman who saw us has already joined MOB and is looking for a tricycle!  All in all another example of how using bicycles can be a fun, practical, and low cost way to get around and have fun.


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