Saturday, Warm Weather, Birthday Party, Friends, Bikes !!

The title of this post says it all.  What a Saturday!  My son Alex is celebrating his 4th birthday and my wife Megan planned a low key, stress-free birthday party with friends for him and friends for us.  We are fortunate to live very close to a nearby square that offers a lot of shade from impressive live oak trees.  This is particularly important since we have no backyard space for entertaining.  We also live in a neighborhood that is very bikable.  Four families biked, 1 family walked, and 1 family drove.  That’s not a bad rate of sustainable, healthy transportation to a birthday party.  While we were there we saw other folks, some friends and some strangers, out and about enjoying the great weather or going about their errands on their bikes.  This got me to thinking about what makes a neighborhood truly enjoyable and what characteristics give its citizens a sense of community and well being.  Having a public square that is easily accessible is important.  This allows people to meet, converse, and

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enjoy a public space together.  The bikability and walkability of our neighborhood builds well being and a sense of community because they foster active lifestyles and impromptu meetings with neighbors and friends.  Even if it is a casual wave and saying “how do you do?”, these things are important for building a sense of connectivity in a community.  At one point during the day I was thinking about these things and how it is really the small, inexpensive, simple things that are truly important.  At one point I thought to myself “this is the good life.”


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