Local Business and Bike Marketing

I work in downtown Mobile.  Last year  a new hotel went up right across the street from my office.  It is now an up and running Candlewood Suites.  One day while walking to the local YMCA for a lunchtime workout, I noticed two bikes parked just out in front of the lobby .   Intrigued, I walked over to get a closer look.  Turns out the hotel provides two Huffy bikes, with baskets, for their guests to get around downtown Mobile.  This is the first business I know of that provides bikes for their customers.  Wow!  You’re telling me a business in Mobile is using bikes as a part of their marketing strategy.  Someone, somewhere, decided that purchasing bikes, and a rack, and placing them super conveniently right outside the lobby entrance, was a smart business decision.  Maybe they think providing the bikes gives them a slight edge or differentiates them from competitive hotels.

David, a visiting businessman, using his hotel's bike to check out downtown Mobile.

While eating downtown I noticed David (pictured above) riding a bike I recognized.  Sure enough it was one of Candlewood Suites’ bikes.  I introduced myself and asked him if I could take his picture for local bike advocacy purposes.  He happily agreed.  I learned he works for Alabama Power Credit Union and visits downtown Mobile regularly.  He enjoys taking the bikes out in the evening because he can get around downtown more easily and quicker than by walking.  Nice way to use bikes in your business Candlewood Suites!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Love this! What a great idea for the hotel. It costs very little to maintain two bikes & offers their customers a free & fun mode of transportation.


    • Thanks Lynn. Yeah I was surprised when I first found out the hotel offered bike for its guests. I’m going to send the article and write up to the downtown alliance. Maybe they will put a blurb in their newsletter.


  2. Oh wow! This is wonderful! More hotels downtown should start doing this! And yes, we( The Downtown Mobile Alliance) will happily mention this in our newsletter!


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