I have received lots of feedback on my choice to try out clips on my new bike.  As I said in my previous post, I would not have chosen them, but since they are on the bike I thought I should give them a try.  I have had many people tell me that once I get used to them I will LOVE them.  I will say that most of the people with that view are people that bike longer distances or use them in triathalons or other races.  Some bikers feel the cons outweigh the benefits for my purposes since I have to make so many stops riding through neighborhoods and city traffic.  Having to wear special shoes with the metal clip on them is somewhat bothersome –  it requires bringing another pair of shoes to change into whether you are taking a quick trip to the store or going to work.  For work, I always change into dress shoes anyway – I ride a long enough distance that I can’t wear my work clothes on my bike – especially in this heat.    So, thus far, that hasn’t been a real problem.  No, the real problem has been just getting used to using them and remembering that I have them.   So far, 3 falls in 3 days.  On the bright side, I now know that my bones are not yet thin and brittle, as I would surely have broken a bone in my hand this morning if they were.  Luckily my bike has also been protected each time by my body.   I am not sold on them yet – but each time my falls have been caused by me doing something stupid or just not paying attention.  This morning I was concentrating on hitting the scored line in the road coming out of my neighborhood so that I could make the traffic light change – I hit it just right as I came to a stop… yay!, then fell right over.  Yesterday, I was coming up to a 4 way stop and there was a car stopped on the cross road, I thought the car would go and I wouldn’t have to stop long enough to put my foot down, but the car didn’t move (Kudos to the car who was probably being extra careful because of me on my bike – that or he was on his cell phone), and so I had to stop completely, my foot didn’t come right out, and down I went.  I should have taken it out in anticipation that I might have to stop.  I’ll get better at this, hopefully.  If nothing else I will become an expert on falling.


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  1. Posted by rudy smith on July 7, 2011 at 11:29 am

    hang in there – your sidi shoes have a recessed cleat so they will let you walk all over town in them if you like. there is also an inexpensive platform that will clip into one side of the pedals which will allow you to pedal in regular shoes as well.
    I have heard some people get in the “zone” when riding a bike and can’t even remember where they were going let alone remember that they are wearing bike shoes.


    • I may look into that platform thing that clips in – that way I could use it both ways without having to switch out the pedals. However, if I’m only using them occasionally for long rides I will be more likely to forget that I’m clipped in.


  2. Yeah, they really don’t offer much benefit unless you are racing or touring distances. For stopping and going regular pedals with good traction are the way to go. Another thing is the more “specialty” stuff you need to bike the more attractive a car becomes. What I mean is you want biking to be as easy as possible and to remove as many extra fiddly things you have to deal with so biking doesn’t become a hassle.


    • Yes, sometimes new gadgets make it more interesting, but I would agree that the fewer “fiddly things” the easier it is to relax and enjoy the ride. I will continue to try them for a while longer but will probably look into the platform things Rudy mentioned above and think about changing them out completely.


    • Posted by rudy smith on July 15, 2011 at 5:31 am

      this sounds like a call for the unicycle!


  3. Posted by Stuart on July 8, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Years ago I purchased the clips for a bike I had. I went back to the the toe cages that allow you to slip your foot in and out of (with any shoe). I found the clips simply too much of a hassle (remembering to bring shoes etc.)


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