Taco Tuesday

In my quest to get more folks riding bikes I really need to keep on finding fun things for folks to bike to.  This includes coming up with gimmicky rides that I find on Google or just pop into my head.  Google gets most of the credit though.  It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.  Well a friend of mine recently posted on Facebook a picture of their fun time at a local Mexican restaurant.  In the post she mentioned that they were partaking in Taco Tuesday with a happy hour special of $2 for 2 tacos and $3 margaritas.  Well, thank you friend for a  great ride idea.  Who wouldn’t want to ride their bike to get cheap tacos and cheap margaritas?  So last Tuesday the premier of Mobilians on Bikes’ Taco Tuesday Ride began.  We’re going to make it happen the fourth Tuesday of the month.  Even in the heat of July several of us biked across town while cruising at an uber casual pace so as to not show up sweating too profusely.  It was  a blast and the ride was very easy even considering it took place during rush hour.  We primarily took the neighborhood streets to get to our destination, Fuego.  When we got there we realized there really was not a good spot to park our bikes so we took an up front car spot.  Let me correct that, we took a vehicle spot.  You see we were able to fit 8 bikes easy (could have fit more) into 1 car (vehicle) spot.  And you know what, the staff at Fuego were very cool about it.  As they should be because I don’t think many cars are showing up with 8 people in them.  I bet the average is maybe 2 passengers per car with a lot of cars just having one occupant.

Front row parking for the bikes

As we walked up to the door we saw this sign in the window….

Future bike friendly business!

Wow, I like this place already.  So these folks are catching on and they are in a good spot to attract casual cyclists because they are close to neighborhoods.  Well we had a blast eating our tacos and drinking our margaritas.  It was a fun time with some good company.  We even got a chance to speak with the owner and he wanted suggestions for his bike rack.  Very cool, we will be back.  I’m already looking forward to these again…











4 responses to this post.

  1. now that does sound like a neat little trip over to Old Shell, and bargain margaritas & tacos to boot… it’s a win-win


  2. Hello fellow Mobilian! I’m a native that took a wrong turn and landed in central Florida 26 years ago where we have remained. All my husband’s family still live in the area. It’s always good to run into folks from your hometown. Please come visit me over at my blog at http://syrupandbiscuits.wordpress.com. You’re always welcome!


  3. Hey, thanks for contacting Southern Spokes. I’ll be sure to check out your blog.


  4. Nick, great pics and post! It looks like you all had a lot of fun! Can`t wait to be able to join your rides again!


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