Locavore Locomotion

My family has been eating produce from Grow Alabama for about 7 months now.  Grow Alabama is a non-profit organization that is promoting the consumption and production of Alabama grown crops.  Here is a little blurb from their website….

“The purpose of Grow Alabama is reversing the ratio of foods consumed in Alabama to the foods grown in Alabama, thereby increasing the production and profitability of all Alabama farmers, enhancing the economic viability of all Rural Alabama and bringing economic and environmental sustainability to the state as a whole, while providing the people of Alabama the highest quality foods available.”

We have really enjoyed the variety of foods we’ve been getting.   Every week we receive a box of goods that reflect what is grown in the state for that time of year.  Our diets are much more diversified because when we open up the produce box we get what is in season and what grows well in Alabama.   Items such as field peas, okra, turnips, muscadine, etc. are the types of foods we are eating regularly now but weren’t eating much of when we shopped for vegetables at the local grocer.  So it’s been good and I like the mission of the organization.

The "gold" box is good for a weeks worth of vegetables for a small family.

Well our pickup point for the boxes changed a couple of weeks ago and the new location is very close to my work.  I was actually very excited about this because I love testing out new utility tasks I can do with my bike.   This morning I brought along some extra bungee cords to strap the box to my back rack.  The Dutch bike I ride is really made so well for performing many tasks such are running errands in a city.  The rear rack is real beefy and can hold a small adult.  I gave my wife a ride on it for about a half a mile through downtown a while back.  Anyhow, the bike performed very well for hauling our box of goodies and I’m very pleased to have accomplished a task like this without using a car.

I’m going to try to do this every Wednesday (pickup day) from now on.


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  1. Glad to hear that grow Alabama is working out for you. I had been interested in it but didn’t get a warm reception when I suggested it to my husband & I didn’t know anyone who had tried it that could let me know how they liked it. Maybe I’ll look into it again. And what a great plus… that you can pick up your goodies on your bike!


  2. We like Grow Alabama but it isn’t for everybody. The produce is not shiny and polished with wax like a lot of grocery store stuff. There are blemishes and some scarring or bruises but it is just like you’d expect if you picked something yourself right from the ground. It’s tough getting through everything in a week because it involves being creative and cooking which can be difficult with 2 working parents. Because most of the produce is organic it will not last past a week.


  3. I decided to go ahead and try it. I just signed up for the silver box. I put you down as a referral. Now I just have to remember to pick it up every Wednesday.


  4. Do you think the Bronze size is enough for two people? I’m so excited to find a CSA here!!


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