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Southern Spokes is a bike blog started in 2010 to document life on two wheels in the city of Mobile, AL.  While not a bicyclist’s paradise, there is plenty of potential here in Mobile for a cycle friendly atmosphere.  It’ll take some work.  There are plenty of great people here that are willing to work for a more walkable and bikeable town.

Living in places that embrace walkable and bikeable communities is such an enhancement to quality of life.  It’s hard to explain to people who have never experienced it.  So the bloggers here have decided to do our  little part and begin to “be the change you seek in the world” and ride and walk as much as possible.   Our rides include commuting to work, going on bike dates with partners and friends, forming group rides for entertainment, etc.  We try to promote cycling to locally owned businesses as much as possible.

Southern Spokes is a venue to capture life on two wheels through photography and the written word.  We’ll also touch on healthy living, new urbanism, product reviews, bike advocacy and commuting.  So feel free to comment if anything here peaks your interest!


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  1. Hi! Happened across your blog, as I’m also interested in biking and actually lived in Mobile at one time. I’m actually originally from AL and went to both Auburn and UAB, however haven’t lived there in over 15 years. I agree that Mobile has a lot of potential – maybe you can get a cycling movement started there! Good luck and happy cycling!


  2. Posted by Heather on October 22, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    I just ran across your blog via the Let’s God Ride a Bike Blog, and am so glad I did. I grew up in Mobile, but currently live (and bike) in Oakland, CA. It’s so lovely to see you chronicling your biking in my little hometown. As much as I love my life out West, it’s hard not to miss the South a little. Thanks for offering a window into that world…


    • Hi Heather,
      Yeah, we’ve actually started a casual, slow-ride group here as well. Mobile is not very walker or biker friendly so we’re trying to change that little by little. Do you go to Oaklavia? There’s a good cycling culture in the Bay area. I have a sister in SF, an uncle and aunt in Marin County and a grandma in Freemont so I get out your way often. I love the California lifestyle!


  3. Posted by heather on October 24, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Hi Niklas,
    Yes, we are very lucky out here. It’s been a great way to get my bearings riding a bike in traffic. But I think I will eventually move back to the South and am hopeful that the infrastructure will follow (especially with people like you actively trying to make the streets safer for cyclists). Oh, and yes! I volunteered at Oaklavia, actually. We’ve only had one event so far, but it went off pretty well. We’re not quite at the level of the SF Sunday Streets yet, but we’re working on it…


  4. Hi Niklas –

    I just discovered your blog via Traci’s blog. Nice blog and it’s great to see people riding bikes and promoting family riding as everyday transportation in mid-sized cities around the country. An, perhaps because of the focus on grocery-store bike parking in some of the recent posts on my blog, your post about your local Winn-Dixie store made me smile. They have bike parking and even put up the kind of bike racks that folks can actually use. Kudos to that store. I’ll think of you guys riding around in the more temperate climate that is Mobile when I’m riding through the winter snowy mess that is Chicago. 🙂


    • Hey Samantha, thanks for posting. I’ll check out your blog. The Winn-Dixie did a nice job with the bike parking and its overall renovation. Now its just working with the city to make it easier for cyclists to get there! In the summer I’m thinking how nice it would be to be up north but the fall, winter and spring times down here are nice.


  5. Found you while compiling a big list of women’s bike blogs (here: http://bit.lyWomenBikeBlogs). I feature blogs via Twitter (@WomenBikeBlogs) and Facebook (facebook.com/WomenBikeBlogs) to help women find more readers and connect us as a community of women who bike and blog.

    Do you plan to keep blogging? The blogs I feature are ones that are still active and you haven’t posted for a while so I’m just checking in.



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