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But wait, I forgot to introduce myself…

For those who don’t know me, guess it would be nice to give you a little background before I start posting blogs. Hi there, I’m Debbie Clolinger! Born and raised pretty much in the south, I was a military brat…Dad was a fighter pilot in the USMC and we lived in NC, VA, and CA. I’ve lived in Mobile, Alabama for …hmmm…. can it really be 35 years now? Wow. Anyway, I’m happily divorced, happily employed, and in a healthy, happy relationship. My daughter, who recently graduated college, and is the light of my life, is doing a 1-yr. internship with a law firm in Atlanta before going on to law school. She’s happy too.

Fitness has always been a part of my adult life. I figured God designed our bodies to move, and I have a lot of respect for HIs design. I do cardio and I weight train, I jog (well not in June – September), I snow ski. And I bike!

Ben the Boyfriend and I were introduced to Mobilians on Bikes earlier this year when we were invited to join a group on a casual ride through historic neighborhoods in Mobile, ending at a lovely convent where we toured the chapel and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grounds. Since then we’ve become much more involved. More about that later.

There are several things that I love about this group. First and foremost, it offers something for everyone. It’s not a “ride 42 miles at 20 mph before we go to work” group, although I can imagine if some of our members want to form a group to do that they could. There are organized rides for everyone…families with small children, the Fairly Fits, like me, and the more serious riders. There are marrieds, singles, young and old! Secondly, this group is very active in the Mobile community by advocating safe biking, supporting and promoting safer streets, safer laws, and friendlier attitudes towards “sharing the road” (the Silent Ride a couple of months ago in memory of those who have been injured or killed was very well attended…yay, Mobile!) So the MOBsters, while pusing for safety, and bike lanes and racks in future city planning, also endorse FUN for it’s members!!

Ben and I really enjoyed the theme rides, like the Urban Farming ride, and other Sunday Strolls. Then, as more and more people started joining our group, things seem to become much more organized. FaceBook has become the major communication thread, and we pretty much depend on this social network to promote and inform folks what’s coming up, what’s in the works, and to just voice opinions and thoughts.

Not only am I active on our groups FaceBook site, but I try to post pictures as often as I can. And once I get a little more used to posting things in the SouthernSpokes blog, then I hope to post cool pictures like Nik and Lynn do!

OK, I think I’ve bored you enough. I do want to share my experiences with the last two Sunday Morning Breakfast Club Rides. Hadn’t done any distance riding until joining this group 2 weeks ago, and I’m so glad I did. Amazing the sights and sounds and visual perspectives you get when you’re breezing along Brookley and Mobile Bay. But again… more on this later!


Cathedral Square Market, 7-9-11

I thought I would beat the heat by heading out at 8:00 a.m.   Gonna tell ya, folks, no matter what time you get up during the summer months in Mobile, Alabama you just aren’t going to beat the heat!  Actually, it’s more of a humidity factor.  Nevertheless, headed down my usual route…from my house on Demouy, up Conti (following the “bike route”), through the Monterey area, across Catherine and Anne, Broad and down Dauphin.  Traffic was light.  Got to the Square, chained by bike, and strolled around.

The crowd was light, I guess it was fairly early for most Mobilians.  One advantage of getting to The Cathedral Square Market early is you get the choicest of the choice.  My FAV seafood vendor, J & J Seafood, usually runs out of oysters first, and then folks start snapping up the lump crabmeat.  Jerome, the owner, knows I visit him first, then stroll around, so he packs my goodies on ice and sticks them back in the cooler for me to pick up after my shopping.  Picked up by goat cheese, and then bought “gourmet” pickle slices from a new vendor.  Always good to support new businesses!  Ben and I will be feasting tonight.

Anyway, sorry I missed the C & S ride this morning, but plan to do it tomorrow with the Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride.  I did my first one last week…and it was definitely d0-able, even on my ancient Schwinn.  Told Ben at least he should do the Sunday Stroll tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll see.

Later folks, I’m headed down to Fowl River where I will pop a cold one, and plop into some sort of inflatable, and let the past week float away.